Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whipped Cream

Once you make this yourself you'll never go back to that nasty air puffed drivel.


First pour your whipping cream into the mixer and start it a mixing on hight.  Wait until it starts whipping up and then add vanilla to taste and sugar to taste. 

When adding sugar it is imperative that you sprinkle it in VERY slowly.

If you don't your sugar will fall to the bottom and will not be incorporated. 

Don't over whip the cream or it may fall and you will get butter, but that shouldn't happen unless you walk away and leave the mixer on high for several minutes.  If that happens you'll have to start over but at least you'll have some delicious butter and sweet vanilla buttermilk.

Now that you're an expert whipper, you'll never go back to the air whipped nasty at the coffee shop, which in all honesty is fine for coffee but not suitable for pie.


  1. There may or not be a good reason for this and I don't care to think hard enough about it to figure it out, but I like to chill the mixing bowl beforehand - maybe 30 minutes in the freezer. It seems to whip up faster and easier. I used to do this with an old style hand crank egg beater/mixer (back before there was electricity)

  2. This sounds like a trick, that may work!


    How do you keep from getting your tongue stuck to the bowl?