Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Okay My Little Friend you have nagged me long enough to put this post up.  I have usually been against posting a recipe for this because there are so many on the net already why put mine up, but okay.

Here you go.

First get your chic peas, you should get the dry ones, because they are way cheaper and you can control the salt intake.  I put mine in the croc pot, cover with water turn on and in the morning they are done.  Now here is the secret that no one tells you, you have to put them in the food processor while they are hot.

If you cool them your puree will be chunky.  That is it, that is the whole deal.

So strain them and put them in the food processor and process away and yes it is now a processed food so if you care about that stuff get off your high horse or stop reading.  If you do not strain them your dip will be soupy, you can always add liquid at the VERY END, i.e. the VERY LAST THING YOU WILL ADD.  I generally do not add any I use olive oil because it works better and doesn't separate.

Moving on.

Now comes the fun, you take equal amounts of tahini and olive oil and mix them together in a smaller food processor.  This is another one of the tricks I learned about from a food magazine that Father Ox pulled out of the trash and gave to me.  This makes it so you do not have to keep track of both you just add the mixture a little at a time until it tastes the way you like it.

Now is when I like to add the lemon juice, and when I say lemon juice I mean fresh squeezed lemon juice not that filth you find in a plastic lemon. If you want to use that filth don't, it is an abomination and if you are going through the effort to make this yourself you might as well do it my way (the right way).

Now that you have added the lemon NOW add the salt, and it doesn't have to be fancy pants salt.  You add it to taste however you want. I add it last because I wan the flavor of the dip to be built on the peas, oil, tahini and lemon juice, NOT THE SALT.

If your dip is dry you can add olive oil, I don't care what type you use, whatever makes you feel better about yourself works for me, just as long as I don't have to hear about it.

Now I do not include the amounts of ingredients because I have tried many times to figure it out and it never works even with a scale so you have to use your tongue.

So to recap the essential tricks are make the puree while the peas are hot! hot! hot!
Pre mix the tahini and olive oil.
Add lemon juice (see above for rant)
Add salt for taste and olive oil to smooth out the dip.

Now see if you can convince someone you bought it at the store.